Yes, mountains really do get taller because those tectonic plates keep colliding and pushing the ground upward. Do plants grow at the top of the one you’re going around? Is your path leading to the promised land? Though God spoke from the mountain, the direction He is pointing you may be through the valley toward a place where grapes grow large, and milk and honey flow. You may need to ask him to help you move a few Canaanites, but going around the same one kept the Israelites in the desert for 40 years. The Pharaoh’s following his pattern of saying the Israelites could leave Egypt and then changing his mind ended in the waters drowning his army. Where God leads you, He has been before, is with you all the way, and will never turn you over to the enemy. The fear at the root of anxiety and obsession is transformed into trust when it is placed in His hands. At a time of trust, God gave the Ten Commandments which give direction in how to show love to each other. His is a direction that will not fail. Toward where or what is He pointing you?

  • Exodus 14:27
  • Exodus 20:1
  • Joshua 5:6