The blanket of God’s love enfolds you and keeps you warm.  It is the covering that reflects who you truly  are.  Like the core of an apple, His breath lives in you, produces the fruit, and covers you.  Your inner self, the “real” you, the one that is “hid with Christ in God” is the one you feel tugging at your heart, drawing you to seek the things that are true to your authentic self.  Inner conflict comes from craving what is not you — disillusioning and elusive worldly pleasures and materials.  As you turn to Him, He will show you marvelous and wondrous things, selectively and deliberately using His creations to illustrate eternal truths or speaking to you through His still small voice.  As He does, flesh begins to cover those dry bones and breath flows into the body from the “four winds” enabling you to experience joys from all the directions of abundant life.  You are His, wrapped securely in His care.  From this vantage point, the world looks amazingly different.  You are free to be who you are, a spiritual creation bound for the joys of heaven.

Colossians 3:3            Acts 17:28        Ezekiel 37:8,9         John 16:13