The soothing aroma of heartfelt devotion pleases God. A sincere request to God that He create in you a “clean heart” means that you desire to be free throughout – mind, will, affections. You are praying for pure thoughts and desires. Such longing unifies one’s spirit with God’s Spirit and is, therefore, precious in God’s eyes so much so, for example, that He promised Noah He would never destroy the earth again by flood. Guilt, on the other hand, burdens you with inner turmoil, a feeling of hopelessness, and the inability to lift your heart in praise. Though the word repentance has negative connotations, it is actually a gift from God. Offending our heavenly Father is more destructive personally than the harm your actions may have caused to any other. This guilt hinders your ability to hear Him and to feel His peace. On the other end, God’s joy is not in the sacrifice, but the restored person. Your contrite heart tells Him you value your relationship with Him, restores your communication and allows you to move forward in peace with others.
Genesis 8:21 Psalm 51:10-17