The ruling passion of Christ is His love for you. It is not the lukewarm feeling of an aloof friendship, but an intense, overmastering conviction that you were worth giving up everything so that you can live eternally. In return He asks that your driving force be an intense feeling and dedication to Him. The red envelope in your white mailbox with the yellow tulips around it contains the message from His heart. It is a love letter with words more authentic than any you have ever received. “Believe in me and I will give you the desires of your heart as you pray according to my perfect will. I will give you words of life,” it says. Is your faith genuine? The trials through which you go test and refine your faith. Faith is substance is God’s kingdom. It is the stuff with which God’s gold is bought — the wealth that can never be lost. He would have your genuine devotion, pure and true so that you may wear the robe of white He purchased for you. His desire is to be the ruling passion of your life.

Revelations 3:4,18 John 11:6 Psalm 37:4