Narcissus, according to mythology, fell in love with his reflection in a pool not realizing it was just an image. Becoming self-absorbed and vain does not improve us or make us happy for that stance is based upon falsehood. In the extreme it can lead to a socially disabling personality disorder. By contrast, merely looking into the face of Jesus through a “glass darkly” changes us so that our focus and concern is toward others. The veil that was torn into at the time of Jesus’s crucifixion allows us to be in His presence “with unveiled faces.” Being in His presence in prayer and “seeing His glory” changes us “into the same image from glory to glory.” The Holy Spirit in us does this marvelous work. Falling in love with the creation rather than the Creator has been the cause of man’s destruction through the ages. The earth is meant for man’s use and enjoyment, but obsession makes created things misery’s tool. Focus on wealth and the worries of this life choke the word, stifling our lives and freedom. Praise God! He has made us free.
II Corinthians 3:18 Matthew 13:22