Jesus sings! The abandoned house occupied by the birds and wild animals is now filled with song. It is the time of restoration for the children of the king. Though you may have experienced troubles along with the other people of the earth, the voice of our Savior resounds through the hearts and homes of you, the remnant who believe. The songs that echo in your hearts, minds and souls are not the cries of birds and beasts, but the creative and restorative words of Jesus who sings with joy over your faith. Imagine his sweet healing voice permeating every atom of your being. As you rejoice at the thought of being eternally saved from the enemy and at the thought of being cherished by the King, He sings words of blessing and honor over you as He did Abraham and Sarah. You who have not cut yourself off from fellowship with God have found the source of happiness. Singing with Jesus in mutual love, you hear the direction of him whose melodious voice lifts because of you.
Zephaniah 2:14; 3:17 Genesis 12:1-3